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Sheriff Lamb


Sheriff Mark Lamb was elected in 2016 as Pinal County's 24th Sheriff to lead Pinal County's finest with a vision to better the status of Law Enforcement in Pinal County, and ultimately be an example for other agencies in Arizona and the United States of America by doing the following:


  • Foster positive working relationships with county officials

  • Provide financial transparency to establish a realistic budget

  • Improve deputy pay to retain and recruit quality employees

  • Continue to crack down on criminal activity with a focus on stopping the drug flow into Pinal County

  • Change the perception of Law Enforcement within our communities

  • Lead by example


"The safety of the people who live and do business in Pinal County is my highest priority. We are one of the fastest growing regions in the United States of America with approximately 450,000 residents in an area approximately the size of the State of Connecticut. While the county is not on the U.S. Mexico border, it is a pass-thru county and vulnerable to smuggling and trafficking activities that come from reservation territory that reaches from Mexico into Pinal County."


Sheriff Lamb has proven his ability to work with local, State and Federal agencies to coordinate the necessary resources to fight these illegal activities that would harm our county and our communities. 

"We've done a lot of good things, and will continue to find new ways to improve the safety of our county, making it an even more attractive place for good people and business to call their home. If you like what you see, I ask for your continued support and vote." - Sheriff Mark Lamb

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